Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sacred Vows

My big sister got married on Saturday! WOOHOO! It was a gloriously sunny day! Us 'bridesmaids' (siblings plus groom's sister F) were all lovely in green and complimented the happy and lovely bride, groom (who wore tartan trews although other members of his family were in kilts) and my oh so sweet nephew in his little suit!

Well, it was a great church wedding, the canon was amusing, we sang some good hymns (practiced 'I Vow To Thee My Country' the previous night ass we couldn't remember the tune - we didn't quite reach the Katherine Jenkins' notes though!)

Great reception, the champagne and wine flowed and us girls did the family proud - first on the dancefloor and last off the dancefloor - we were still there when the DJ was packing up! (I did have to change out of my killer heels later in the night so I could carry on dancing!)

It was great to see other members of the family (although cousin G was awol as he'd forgotten the date and had gone gallavanting off to Poland with his mates...), to catch up with some of the girls from the Center Parcs weekend and to meet the groom's friends and family, who I have to say, were a nice friendly bunch.

As you can imagine, pretty hungover the next day - spent a lot of time napping and when not sleeping, eating....

Said goodbye to the younger sibs - not sure when I'll see them next, sometime next year I guess and there'll be another little niece or nephew added to the family next time I see them.

Back home to rainy Manchester feeling majorly lethargic - far too much food and sleep, I'm not used to it so need to hit the gym big style!

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