Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Strictly Good Fun

So on Saturday, me and the glamorous C went out for her belated birthday outing. For once, Manchester was sunny, so we made sure we wore our shades - all the better to go people-watching without anyone noticing!

Firstly, a yummy Thai lunch at Chaophraya - have been here before and the food as always was excellent and not too heavy.

Downing a few G & T's, we enjoyed the sights and sounds of Manchester life, love watching city life go by in all its glory!

Conversation was easy and full of laughter as usual - the glamorous C's whirlwind romance appears to be going off the boil slightly - difficult to know what to say or suggest but she wasn't down, in fact was most upbeat about it all. Men - such strange creatures! We had a lot of fun discussing them! ;-)

So, we had the whole night ahead of us, we could have headed out to some trendy bars and clubs, to eye up the talent (yes, sometimes there is some!), mingled with the young, boogied to some good tunes.

No, we went back to mine, opened a couple of bottles of wine, munched on snacks and watched Strictly Come Dancing (featuring the eye-wateringly handsome Olympic swimmer Mark Foster, left) and X Factor. Ok ok, we were taking it easy - can't be party animals all the time!

Had a great giggle surfing the internet - you know, just checking out stuff...!

Crashed out around 1.30ish, voices hoarse from laughing!

Had a nice lazy start to Sunday, daytime tv under the duvet, fresh coffee (big Sis giving away her Boden coffee pot!), fuzzy heads.

When the glamorous C left, I dozed for a while, then noticing that there was still a rare bit of sunshine, donned my bikini and dozed a bit more outside! Ooh, am looking forward to my holiday when I can be doing this sunbathing lark properly in some real heat (fingers crossed!)

I have loads of stuff to be doing around the house and also stuff I have to read for work - just got no motivation whatsoever. Maybe I need to establish a to do list...

Or maybe not!


  1. Sounds like you are pretty chilled and having fun in life. Enjoy.....and forget the housework. You do it....and then it just need doing AGAIN! Whats the point of that?

  2. Anonymous8:31 pm

    haha I have you fixed up with the Glamorous C now in my head.

    Hasn't the weather been lovely. I haven't gone as far as donning my bikini but I worked at my laptop out in the garden in my undies during the week! It just feels weird talking to business colleagues on the phone without proper clothes on - I know they don't know, but I do!!

  3. Hi justme - life's not too bad right now, could be better, just trying to make the most of it!

    RB - LOL, I dunno if I'm laughing more at your first comment or the thought of you talking to your colleagues in just your underwear! Something I need to try to achieve when the opportunity presents itself I think!