Sunday, September 28, 2008

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Today, my door to door journey home (from noon to 5.30pm) went as follows:

Taxi - from big sister's house to the train station (they've sold their Golf R32)

Bus - train had been cancelled so I had to take the replacement shuttle part of the way

Train - to Gatwick airport

Plane - to Manchester airport

Bus - from terminal 3 to terminal 1

Train - to Manchester Piccadilly

Foot - trams weren't running from the station so I had to walk half a mile to the nearest stop

Tram - back to home village

Taxi - to doorstep

I was tempted to not take the last taxi, but to walk the mile back home but I was ready for a cuppa tea by then, or a beer! (opted for the latter when I got in).

Will update on my weekend at some point - just wanna put my feet up right now.


  1. Ah, Gatwick airport. I currently live about 10 minutes away from it on the train. It's not a fun place for anyone to be. Ever. Even going past it on the train isn't fun!

  2. That sounds terribly like you're trying to rip off this post from my blog... :P

  3. Gatwick's not too bad, Talia. Least it's not Heathrow...

    Mosh - I bow to your far superior post, lol! Maybe I can notch something up like that during my travels to the Far East!

  4. Going by my experiences in France last year, Gatwick's the worst. We had more delayed flights from there (especially when they opened that new terminal) than any other airport in the country.

    And I'm pretty pleased with that post. I'm not one to crow. Much. But I liked it :)

  5. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Oh yes the beer was the only realistic choice after such a journey.

    I cannot tell you how crabby I would have been after all that. I hate it when travel plans go wrong.

    Hope the weekend was worth it?