Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saved The Spoon

Ho hum, the week's gone by already and I've forgotten to mention last weekend!

My final trip down to London to visit big sis and little nephew before they move on to pastures afar and a new life in the far east - something that I'm not really thinking about but will hit me very soon that I shan't be able to just pop down to visit them.

Little nephew is a joy, running around now, a real chatterbox (in his own language), a bundle of smiles who loves the outdoors and who has inherited (from his dad) an obsession with cars. I shall miss him dreadfully.

Anyway, was a great relaxing weekend. Big sis was getting rid of unwanted clutter so I picked up some items of clothing, jewellery and makeup.

Just one thing that threatened to spoil the whole weekend - on the way back to Manchester, I was stopped at customs. Big sis had asked me to take some of little nephew's christening presents back home and I didn't know that one of the gifts was a little silver baby cutlery set...The customs guy was going to confiscate the whole set but I managed to save the spoon.

Phoned big sis and she bit my head off saying I should have packed it in my suitcase - well I would have if I'd known the presents included a knife and fork (albeit blunt).

Ah well, she did apologise afterwards and I know she's under a lot of stress right now. I couldn't do what she's doing now without losing my rag a little.


  1. And by that time you'd checked in and already gone past the point where they ask you if you're carrying anything for someone else...

    They often let you pop the stuff onto the luggage conveyor so it goes in the hold. Obviously not in this case. Wankers. As if you're going to take over a plane with blunt baby cutlery.

    Of course, once you're on the plane if you order a meal they'll give you proper sharp adult cutlery for free.

  2. Agree. Plus I could cause more damage with a sharpened plastic tea stirrer...

  3. How DEEPLY Stupid.......... glad you saved the spoon a least though! I really do not understand these rules. They make no sense at all.....