Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kids Say The Funniest Things...


The glamorous C's daughter reckons her mum should become a lesbian.

When asked how she would feel if her mum were to have a female partner, the cheeky 12 year old replied that it would be really cool, especially if her mum's partner was me...

Err..haha! Does that mean she thinks I'm cool? :-)

Not sure what's prompted this revelation, especially in light of the glamorous C's current dating activities ... or maybe the youngster is just speaking out of intuition?

And no, I haven't tasted cherry chapstick! ;-)


  1. Maybe she has a crush on you?

  2. The glamorous C or her daughter?

    If the former, undoubtedly (haha) but if the latter, unlikely.

  3. If you do go for it, I'll be a) heartbroken *sob* and b) asking for photos.

  4. Hmm, maybe she DOES have a crush...

    Lucky ;) And yup, methinks the daughter approves of you...

  5. Sorry Mosh, I shan't be 'going for it' but if I did, yeah, the photos could be interesting! ;-)

    IT Girl - most kids love me cos I'm such a big kid myself!

  6. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Oh Weenie, you should try everything once. You never know you might like it!

    I don't think children do generally have a problem if their parent has a relationship with someone of the same gender. My children seem completely unfazed by it all - they have never said it is cool but they are certainly not embarrassed by it.

  7. You never know you might like it!

    Lol RB - that's what I'm afraid of! ;-)

  8. I'm afraid, too. I'd never stand a chance if she went over to the other side!

    Still, the photos would be nice.