Thursday, August 14, 2008


I can't believe I've been scammed!

Bought tickets for next week's Leeds Festival via back in April. Website looked legit, was even linked to various festival websites.

Received an email from them a fortnight ago saying that tickets would be despatched shortly. So no need to worry.

However, a week to go and still nothing so I thought I'd try to contact them today.

The website has disappeared and when you Google the name, you see lots of posts from other 'victims' of these scammers!

When I phoned my credit card company, they were aware of the scam as they've been receiving calls from people who were supposed to be going to the V Festival this weekend but whose tickets haven't arrived from xclusivetickets....

I hope I will get a full or at least partial refund via my credit card company...but I'm gutted that I won't be going.

EDIT - and in another scamming atrocity, the Cheeky Scouser found out that his bank card has been cloned and a wodge of cash withdrawn from his account!

I did have good stuff to post about but now, I'm soooooo pissed off! :-(


  1. I am waiting for 3 tickets to V festival Chelmford I paid £540 and have heard nothing. I e-mail them twice a day and try calling but they have not answered one e-mail. I am so gutted. I will never use anything but seetickets or ticket master in the future.

  2. Bugger. For Leeds I started only buying actual over-the-counter tickets from a place I know of in Leeds itself. Mind, it's not so hard when you live nearby.

    Have to let me know when you're heading over on holiday. Might be nearby and I can get you a pint to commiserate!

  3. Sorry to hear you've been scammed too, Carly! :-(

    Mosh - I'll be arriving in Bangkok on 17th Oct for a couple of nights only (that was my good news that I had - will post about it soon....) I'll have the glamorous C in tow, I'm sure she won't turn down a drink or two! ;-)

  4. I think it's happened to everyone at some time or another. Given the situation, you should at least expect a refund via your credit card. Better than nothing, but still not as good as the ticket you were hoping for :(

    Will see where I am in October. Are you on your way somewhere else? I might be in Bangkok then, might not - no idea right now! Actually, what month is it? Feel free to drop me a mail through my web page if you want to see if we can sort something out.

  5. Ugh, sorry to hear that Weenie :( That's awful and it happens to so many people. Hope you get your money back!