Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ray of Sunshine

What with the crap that's going on at work and me being scammed over the Leeds Festival tickets, I'm glad to say it's not all doom and gloom in my life.

I have a mad (and expensive) few weeks coming up with big sister's wedding, my family coming over, the saga of work churning on relentlessly, plus another wedding reception and throw in a couple of birthday celebrations.

But I'm glad I have the glamorous C around me to keep me vaguely sane.

Anyway, we've finally booked our next holiday - we shall be off to Thailand - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sun, sand, sea, snorkelling, dodgy go-go bars....brill!

We can't wait!

Edited post


  1. Dodgy go-go bars... don't go to Pat Pong. Good market, crap bars and dodgy practises.

    Soi Cowboy on Sukhumvit is much better. Less pressure, better environment.

    Erm. Apparently.

  2. Take your word for it... ;-)