Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On and Off, In and Out

Belated but it's been mad at work and I've been pretty zoned out at home to update.

Anyway, had a nice weekend, quiet for a birthday weekend I guess but what I wanted.

Saturday, squeezed in a hair cut and when I got home by noon, was faced with a quandry - it wasn't quite sunny enough to sunbathe yet I didn't want to sit in the house...

So, in my infinite wisdom (since I'm a year older, I should be wiser?), I slipped into my bikini, put t-shirt and shorts over them and did a bit of weeding.

Every time the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, I whipped off said t-shirt and shorts - the neighbours must have been amused!

Anyway, four hours later, I had done a good job in the garden and also nicely topped up my tan! :-)

Sunday, after a quick gym session, met up with the glamorous C for a curry and catch up on news. Not seen her really since her hols to Egypt so we had a lot to chat about -I can't compete with her tan! We went to Jai Kathmandu, a Nepalese curry house, great food, cosy and busy atmosphere.

Anyway, looking forward to this weekend for some much needed frivolities!


  1. haha you sound a lot like me. I work from home so I often sit out in the garden with my laptop. And I do just that - I sit in shorts and a t-shirt and when the sun comes out I throw them off to top up my tan!! Can't be bothered to change into a bikini though so I just sit in my undies!!!

    I'm not overlooked here but we do get a lot of helicopters overhead!!

  2. Haha, I love that about england. I spent yesterday clothes hopping too, between cardigan and strappy top. Bloody clouds.

  3. Haha RB, thought it was just me with the garden thing!

    Bloody British summer - I've put my boots away but it's not always quite warm enough to walk around in sandals...grrrr!