Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Acceptable Use Of Company Equipment

Users are prohibited from actively participating in Online Services that allow Users to publicly post information in a public forum e.g., “blogs,” bulletin boards, chat rooms and podcasts during work hours or from Company Equipment...

Ok, so I won't be posting from work any more - what a bummer!

Am playing catch up now after a fab weekend, an interesting week coming up and an action-packed weekend coming up...aarrgh! :-)


  1. At my last 2 jobs I'd have been *screwed* if I hadn't been able to post on my blog to relieve the monotony. In fact, some of my best (most random) postings are when I was at work. I was posting several times a day at one point.

  2. Blogging during my lunch hour saves me money cos I don't look for things to buy online....

    Now, the company wants me to get further into debt...ridiculous! :-P

  3. I don't post at work but I do go to youtube and listen to my music videos every once in a while.

  4. I was in a hostel in Brussels the other night that wouldn't let me go to YouTube. It was blocked as being of inappropriate content.

    But it would let me go to any porn site I liked.