Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Albert's Shed

Saturday was fab - my belated birthday celebrations, out with the gals, JH, HW and the glamorous C.

A few rounds of drinks in Bar 38 in town, plenty of opportunities to people-watch.

We then made our way to Albert's Shed, a very nice venue, excellent food, some weird people there though. The drink was getting to my head at this point and after visiting the ladies', I very nearly found myself lost and unable to find our table...oops! We were there for a couple of hours yet I can't remember a single thing we talked and laughed about...oh dear!

We wandered over to Manchester 235 casino, JH left early as usual (but not before the champers was cracked open) and then the rest of us had a little dabble on the electronic roulette - bloomin' hilarious and the amazing thing was, we were up by the end of the night! Why was everyone so serious yet we were having a great laugh?

At some point, we wandered back to Bar 38 to see what could only be described as the dregs of society in the downstairs 'club' part of the bar - dear oh dear oh me - you didn't want to catch anyone's eye (or catch anything else for that matter...) and everyone seemed to have some sort of affliction (desperation?) - we swiftly downed our drinks and made a sharp exit.

Home at 2am, chatted to the glamorous C for a bit before we crashed out around 3am.

Was up at 8am on the Sunday, made breakfast and then when me mate left, I crawled back into bed.

Hate hangovers...

And then my mum phoned me and shouted at me cos I was still in bed and it was 3pm....

She makes me feel like a naughty teenager sometimes... :-)


  1. You know, the image of you as a naughty teeneager is kinda... nice ;)

  2. Lol - hey, I kinda like me as a naughty teenager too! :-)