Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It was sunny over the weekend but too damn windy to sunbathe - I did squeeze an hour in but had to give up as my bikini wasn't providing my extremities with much protection against the galeforce elements!

Was a shame to waste the dry weather so I did some gardening.

Yes me, whose fingers are not green and who is only really good at looking after cacti...

Ok, I did some weeding and a full binbag later, my tennis elbow was playing up although the whole experience was somewhat surprisingly therapeutic!


  1. You had better weather than we did. It rained here all day Sunday without stopping and yesterday and today it has been cold and windy. Definitely not bikini weather.

    If you like weeding, there would be plenty to keep you busy in my garden!!

  2. Trouble is RB, I don't have a clue about plants - ok, your dandelions are easy enough to spot but I wouldn't be surprised if I've pulled out some nice plants and kept some weeds intact...

  3. A weed is only a plant you don't want! And those thistles look lovely :P

  4. Aah, wrong kind of weed. I'll get my coat....

  5. Damn, you mean I missed an opportunity to see you in a bikini?