Sunday, May 11, 2008

10th May 08 - WEMBLEY!

8.45am on Saturday and I was on the train to London with the footie lads, swapping my Starbucks for champagne (well, fizzy white wine!).

We were off to Wembley to watch Ebbsfleet United play Torquay United in the FA Trophy!

I never got a chance to ever go to the old Wembley stadium and had only seen the new arches from the distance on the train so was pretty excited.

As ever, the train journey was filled with song and laughter!

When we arrived at a gorgeously sunny London, we made our way to the pre match MyFootballClub party -met and was introduced to so many other members, some who had travelled all the way from the States and Canada to watch the Fleet. Many people commented on my little mention in the online Daily Telegraph article* ... err ahem.

Onto the game....had great seats and was sat with O, who I'd persuaded to be member of MyFC but who isn't active on the forums (yet). The stadium is awesome despite only being half-filled.

What can I say about the game? The Fleet started off tentatively as if awed by the occasion and venue and it got more jittery as they missed a penalty. But shortly before halftime, Chris McPhee scored and the place erupted!

Both teams had chances in the second half but the Fleet held on for an historic win! Absolutely brilliant!

Did I feel sorry for Torquay and their fans? Of course, but someone had to lose and I'm soooo glad it wasn't us!

We wandered back to the party for some more sun and beers - some of the lads played football, it turned into a North v South thing and the 'Northern Fleet' won 2-1!

It's a pity we couldn't stay longer as there were people there I'd wanted to meet but didn't get a chance to find them amongst the crowds.

The train journey back was fun but seemed to last a lot longer. Maybe being in a carriage full of sweaty men, swigging beer and eating Burger King had something to do with it! But the train was alive with the sound of music and at various points, I was literally crying with laughter!

Anyway, some much better pictures here of the occasion, courtesy of an Italian MyFC member!

Back home before midnight - what a grand day out!

* At the York game, I ended up being interviewed by a reporter from the Telegraph. Let's just say here that I was described as 'effervescent' in the article and I've been misconstrued... ;-)


  1. You do realise that because he's scored a goal, McPhee will be linked with a move to Newcastle for the entire summer?

  2. Sounds like a fantastic day out and a great result. Lucky you.

    And you have found fame too???? The effervescent Weenie. Good for you.

  3. Mosh, will he go to Toon as he's now used to winning silverware... ;-)

    RB - I think the effervescent description was a polite word used instead of 'pi**ed'! :-)

  4. Everybody seems to be talking football lately. I feel kinda left out.

  5. The European championships will be starting shortly this summer - join in the football fun! :-)

  6. Never feel bad about being 'effervescent', the world would be a much wolrse place without the occasional bubble!