Friday, April 04, 2008


Right a quick zip over stuff that I didn't get round to posting over the past coupla weeks...

Easter - was still suffering badly from my cold and had my first piece of chocolate since Christmas (no, it didn't help, in fact, made me feel a bit sick!). Was generous with my cold germs, handing them out to big Sis, her other half and little nephew, who's now old enough to play - YAY!

Works Quiz Night - with the crappy stuff going on at work, we put in a strong team for the annual event and it paid off - we won, beating the so-called self-proclaimed 'pub-quiz kings'. A great night, shame I was driving!

Works Bowling - team building's the theme here...too late for some departments though. Anyway, no need to ask - I was on form so not only did my team win but I got overall top score - get in!

York - Travelled up with the footie lads to watch York City versus my favourite non-league side Ebbsfleet United.

Lots of beer, laughs, met some more MyFootballClub members, chatted to a Daily Telegraph reporter, though dread to think of the drunken nonsense I was spouting out! Ebbsfleet won 1-0 so was a great day out, some great banter with the linesman but getting soaked in the miserable weather didn't help my cold which still hadn't shifted and I lost my voice for a day or so!

Girlie Time - Been neglecting my exercising due to my bad cold so instead, had a couple of gym and sauna sessions with the glamorous C - must have had a lot to catch up on as we were loitering around the David Lloyd until they were kicking us out!

And finally...

Work Update - well, I've been told now that my job is 'no longer at risk'. This is because they've finally sussed out that there was no need to put me on consultation in the first place, but they're hardly going to admit that, the incompetent fools. Been totally overloaded with work and the distraction of the team being put on consultation has meant a huuuuge backlog. I'm going to have to do late nights to start clearing some of it...sigh.

That's pretty much up to date now - hopefully can start posting semi-regularly again.

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