Monday, April 21, 2008


My brain feels close to exploding, my inbox is full to the brim, as fast as I try to empty it, there's crap being dumped in there - if only it were spam so I could just delete it all without reading. And what's with conference calls where people just waffle on, don't they have anything better to do? I do!

I'm close to overload, in fact, feeling a bit like Britney with everyone wanting a piece of me. Looking at the rest of the team, it seems to be the same for them - I don't know, we haven't had time to chat to each other properly recently, just got our heads down. Been working alternate late nights, my gym nights keeping me vaguely sane.

Last Thursday, met up with the footie lads after work and went to the Droylsden v Ebbsfleet match. It was a dreary affair which ended up 1-1 but it was good to see (and hear) the lads in fine singing form and to meet a few more myfootballclub members. Bloody freezing though.

Met up with my Gran at the weekend, chomped some dim sum, that's it - the days all seem to be a blur.

Plus I've just got paid and I seem to be skint already!


  1. oh dear poor you. It doesn't sound good at all re work. I sometimes get so used to feeling harrassed that I feel that way even when the pressure is lifted!

    Make the most of your gran. I rather miss mine.

    I hope the pressure eases for you soon.

  2. Eep - take my email I just sent as low priority then!

  3. Cheers RB and Mosh - I do work better under pressure but I'd say I'm close to reaching breaking point soon. Going to give it my all in the next couple of weeks, see how it goes...

    My gran - yeah, need to make the most of her as she's moving away very soon overseas to be closer to my mum - will really miss her! :-(

  4. Work here has just gone from *thumb twiddly* to *manic* as the end of season stuff all rolls in.

    And I'm looking at doing your gran thing. I.e. heading abroad to get away from the mess the UK's becoming. My mum's all for it, surprisingly. My biggest problem is I have the most adorable little cousin in the whole world and I've already missed seeing her grow up over the last couple of years.

    But got to think of the future. And if I get settled somewhere good then at least I can sponsor her when she decides to get the hell out of the UK as well!

  5. AT least you are having fun going to the footie. I've been very bad about participating, just voting so far.

  6. I get so many random emails into my inbox, it's often the most stressful thing - because you can't tell what's important and whats not...everything just gels into the other.