Friday, April 11, 2008

Brew Me!

80s pop group Spandau Ballet and beer? You wouldn't have thought there was a link but there is now.

Legendary lead singer Tony Hadley, now a brewery owner, has been in touch with MyFootballClub and offered to brew and bottle an exclusive beer for Ebbsfleet United to commemorate the MyFC takeover, the football club reaching Wembley for the first time in their history and the fact that there are members from over 75 countries.

Oh yes, Wembley - did I tell you I was going? Well I am....YAY! :-)

Tony has offered to provide a number of sample lagers and ales from his brewery from which the members can choose one.

A tasting panel has been provisionally nominated but obviously, there are many more people volunteering for this!

Members will also decide on what this special brew will be called - True Gold Fleet?


  1. True Gold Fleet!!! haha Spandau Ballet had a bit of a thing for short snappy one word titles, didn't they.

    Great news anyway.

    Looks like PNE are safe from relegation. Not a specially good season for us though.

  2. Hi RB - couldn't find your blog for some reason over the weekend but can see you again, so I'll wander over tonight! :-)

    Yep, good news that PNE are staying up but you could be in for a special derby next season if Bolton go down!