Wednesday, April 09, 2008


It was already 1-0 to the Gooners as the glamorous C and I settled down after our aerobics class to watch the Liverpool vs Arsenal Champions League semi-final.

When Sami Hyypia scored to make it 1-1, we were the only two who cheered - the dozen or so guys watching the match were evidently Man United fans...

Torres scored a beauty and again, just our lone girlie cheers. But when Arsenal equalised, the place erupted with manly cheering and I was sat there with my head in my hands thinking it was all over.

But then, we got a soft penalty...I couldn't watch...Stevie G scored - YESS!

Babel then scored to kill the tie, making it 4-2 on the night, 5-3 on aggregate.

I was still buzzing when I got home, what a rollercoaster of a match.

Bring on Chelski!


  1. Anonymous6:21 am

    lol @ your labels: footie, girlies, sport.

  2. A good combo, no? :-)