Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Work Rant

So, what happened during the salary review meeting I requested with the boss last week?
I did my homework and research, listed all my achievements, reasons why I deserved a pay rise, knew what I was asking for and delivered it all to him.
The answer I got? There's apparently a proposal to give a pay rise to the whole team ... at some point - by my boss's boss, so individual rises are out of his hands. Bummer! :-(
Ok, so a rise is a rise, better than nothing but this also means it will be a percentage rise for the team, so not the one I was asking for. Oh well, at least I tried.
Yet another tough week at work and for the second time in recent months, I had a bit of a shouty session on the phone with one of the commercial team and was again accused of being 'unhelpful'. When I asked him to put his requests in writing, he replied "Why do you need it in writing, what can go wrong with this simple request?"
Well, good job I dug my heels in cos there was plenty wrong with what the muppet was asking for - had I done what he'd asked, I would have contravened strict company policy and potentially hit the company's revenue. Who would have been blamed for not doing her job - yours truly. Commercial guy would have denied it all - after all, nothing in writing, eh?
Fortunately, my boss backed me up and wrote a mail to the idiot's boss to complain. My dotted-line boss was all for storming upstairs to have a few words, cos he thought I was being bullied, bless!
I wasn't upset, just bloody annoyed.
Rant over for now!

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