Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Quirky Six

Haven't done one in a while so here's a meme-thingy that Mosher tagged me with:

Six 'dodgy' facts about myself that people may or may not know - it's difficult cos you know, I'm not a dodgy person at all ...

Um, here goes:

1. I had major surgery when I was younger so have an 'impressive' foot long scar and hey, you can still see where the staples were to hold me together...
2. I can't remember the last time I bought envelopes, writing pads, stationery etc for personal use as I just 'borrow' from work.
3. I wrote off my first car by crashing into a jack-knifed lorry and had to be cut out of the vehicle.
4. I pull out my grey hair with tweezers but am fighting a losing battle :-(
5. I use Johnson's Holiday Skin lotion to give me a nice glow to my skin (without being orange).
6. I get CDs from the library and copy them for my ipod.

Not going to inflict this on anyone by tagging them!


  1. Scars is kewl. We demand photos of the scars!

  2. Sorry Mosh, viewing by appointment only! ;-)

  3. Well, I'm free in late May / early June, and perhaps very late June / early July.

    Have you registered your scar as a National Treasure that you have to display to the public to avoid paying inheritance tax on it?