Monday, March 03, 2008

Leagues Apart

So on Saturday, I took the train with some of the Manc lads I met last weekend to go see Northwich Victoria v our team Ebbsfleet United. One of the guys brought along a 'WAG', hehe! She was great and seems to be converting to our cause!

After a few pints at the pub, we were there, standing on the terraces cheering our team with a load of other MyFC members, who'd travelled from around the country to get there, as well as the die-hard Ebbsfleet fans who were up from Kent.

The experience was so different from the Premier League games I've attended - really close to the pitch and the players, the ball periodically spiralling off out of the ground, being so close to the home fans as an away supporter. Oh and standing made a change from sitting on plastic seats!

Anyway, we were 2-0 down with only ten men but brilliantly managed to claw back to 3-3 in the end.

Afterwards in the club bar, we mingled with the players - this is what football's about, you won't get this as the club goes up the football pyramid so we made the most of it! I got my photo (and a kiss) from the very cute Stacy Long, one of the goalscorers but I was a bit too starstruck to go to speak to Liam Daish the Head Coach (no longer 'Manager').

Some of the Manc lads were really drunk but it was all in good humour - the train journey back was filled with singing and laughing. All of us support different teams but that day, we all supported the same team - that was the beauty of it.

Looking forward to the next match I can make!


  1. You were standing? How did you see any of the match? :)

  2. Oi cheeky imp! :-P