Friday, February 29, 2008

Something Different

Another brain-busting week at work and to make things even tougher, I had my one-to-one annual apparaisal with the boss yesterday.

Our annual appraisal is in two parts - first, you fill in a form (kinda like an internal CV) detailing what you've achieved in the year, your development and training needs. The boss then reads your comments and then fills in what he thinks are your achievements for the year, your development and training needs.

If it's a good appraisal, then what he writes matches what you've written, or even better, includes achievements that you'd forgotten about.

Secondly, you have a face-to-face appraisal. This is when you get a chance to discuss the written appraisal but also to air your views, get stuff off your chest, put the world to rights etc.

I didn't whinge too much, kept things pretty impersonal, went in with notes about the points I wanted to make - quite organised for me really. 2007 was generally a hard but good year for me workwise.

One thing that was different though - when he asked if there was any other business at the end of the appraisal, I asked if I could set up a salary review meeting with him. It took him by surprise but it was like a do or never do situation for me.

Despite the appraisal being good, I don't like them, felt quite stressed so it was good that I was able to relax after work with the glamorous C at the gym (she travelled down from Blackpool where she's staying in a hotel for work). My ribs are still sore so I took things a bit easier in class (shoulder feels a bit twingey now...falling to bits) - felt much better after a sauna.

Had a good laff about 'walking down the aisle' scenarios.

Anyway, boss says to me today that I have an appointment with him first thing on Monday...

Tomorrow, for something else different, I'm off to see my 'little team' Ebbsfleet United play Northwich (at Northwich) - meeting up with some of the guys from last week, plus a load of other MyFC members.

Should be a laff - hope I don't get too wet in the rain!


  1. good for you mentioning the salary issue. That was very courageous.

    Hope your weekend went well.

  2. Looked like a good game you went to!

    'Walk down the aisle scenarios'???? Do tell... :-p

  3. RB - will post on the salary issue later, running out of time tonight. Hope you had a good weekend too!

    RS - Yep, my post and your comment crossed!

    The 'walk down the aisle scenarios' - you wouldn't get it, it's a gal thing, LOL! ;-)