Sunday, February 24, 2008

Strange Men In A Bar

Not for the first time in my life, I arranged to meet up with a bunch of male strangers in a pub. On my own.

It's not what you think - I'm not that kinda gal!

I was meeting up with other members of the Manchester Branch of MyFootballClub for the first time, put some faces to names.

It didn't start off well - when I turned up at the place we were supposed to meet, found out that it had shut down! Apparently the venue had been changed last minute but I didn't check online in the morning so I didn't know!

Fortunately, I had the number of the guy organising it so I found that they were meeting at the Varsity bar to watch the Newcastle v Man U game. It was funny, from their expressions, let's just say there weren't expecting someone like me to turn up, haha! :-)

So were they a bunch of weirdos? I did have a contingency plan and excuses ready in case I needed to make a swift exit but they weren't, they were likeable rogues, ordinary guys, a good laugh, they bought me all my drinks and we chatted football all night! There were supposed to have been a dozen of us meeting up but some didn't bother turning up -they must have been the weirdos!

Was a bit wobbly when I got home but I'm glad I went out and I'll be meeting up with them again soon to catch my first Ebbsfleet United game away. The girly friends think I'm mad/brave to go out and meet people like this on my own but is it so hard to just be yourself?

Drank too much beer anyway...

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  1. Sound like a blast. And seeing as you had escape plans in place, just in case, I think you were very far away from madness :)