Monday, February 25, 2008

Girlie Giggles

Ouch, had a sore head yesterday - really shouldn't drink beer in such quantities!

Mooched about with my hangover and wasted the whole morning and early afternoon, before I managed to get myself ready and to the David Lloyd to meet up with the glamorous C.

We're not in much contact during the week as work is so busy for both of us so really appreciate catching up at weekends when we can. With my tender head and my ribs still sore (I still have no idea why...?), we weren't in the gym very long before we were relaxing in the sauna!

Had a good chin wag and laugh as usual - she was giving me some advice too in preparation for my one-to-one with my boss later this week - I need to write stuff down.

Anyway, an amusing session on the internet when I got home - make the most of my weekend before another hard slog of a week!

Oh yeah, Spurs beat Chelski in the Carling Cup final over the weekend - know a couple of people who'll be grinning like Cheshire Cats for a while! :-)


  1. :-)

    It's good that both of your teams are rapidly closing in on 4th place this season ;-P

  2. Err yeah! Obviously want the Scousers to get the 4th spot minimum. UEFA spot for City will be a great achievement!

    And the Fleet are in the semis for the FA Trophy....!