Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grass Roots

There's not been a lot for me to shout about footie-wise recently but today, MyFootballClub formally completed the takeover of Blue Square Premier side Ebbsfleet United as reported by the Beeb here.

The club's sponsors Eurostar splashed out on fullpage broadsheet adverts, which are currently resulting in many more people signing up to MyFC - the more the merrier!

I've cut up the advert as it's too big but my name is there on the second line...

Hopefully, my first team will still be something to cheer about after tonight!

EDIT - A 2-0 win - yeah, I'm happy but more relieved than anything else!


  1. Pic no worky :(

    And no chance for Liverpool tonight (famous last laughs), he he.

  2. Good job you were wrong! :-)

    Not sure what's up with the pic, sorry.

  3. I shall transfer my laughs to the gooners tonight then and hope I have better luck :)

  4. Have you tried the podcast yet? It's surprisingly decent!