Sunday, February 10, 2008

One Step Beyond

A better week at work but it still flew by - that must be a good thing, right? Still some stinkers loitering in my inbox, just need to get them done and dusted.

Anyway, a nice relaxing weekend, got some housework done, caught up on some dvds (courtesy of Lovefilm!), reading, drinking and doodling (cards). Even squeezed in a gym session.

And today, City beat United - double whammy this season, haha! The Scousers managed to eke out a bore draw at Chelsea, we were never going to win so a point is a good result. Totally lost sight of the Gooners at the top though! :-(

Chinese New Year - the year of the Rat apparently should be a better year for me this year - last couple of years haven't been easy, so I'm being optimistic. I didn't bother going into Manchester to celebrate, since none of my family are around. But I did make my own Chinese chicken wings so I celebrated in my own way, lol!

And step two of one of my personal goals has commenced - just marking the occasion as I did before step at a time is all I'll say.


  1. I'm a tiger apparently, will it be a good year for me too?

    And *another* ner-ner-ne-ner-ner 'I have a secret post'. Shame on you :)

  2. Just mailed you info on your coming year.

    LOL, not really secret, just don't want to go into detail just yet...if ever!

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  4. Well, if you could let me know where your site was, I could have a look... :-)

  5. Your new friend seems very serious weenie ;-)

  6. The lunar new year just flew by. So here is a belated Happy New Year! Oh wait. Have I mentioned I really like your site...

  7. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Happy New Year!

    My mother wasn't too pleased about it being new year as she couldn't get her usual takeaway as the place was closed - from 3-20 feb. Nice long holiday eh.

    Glad the footie went well and that work is not proving too dire. Shan't say anything about your plan/resolution as I hate to be teased!!!