Sunday, February 03, 2008

Footie and Fun

Woke up to find that we hadn't escaped the cold weather and it was steadily snowing outside and sticking.
Ominous but fortunately, the snow stopped around noon and a bright winter sun came out to quickly started to melt the slushy white stuff.
It was still pretty chilly though, wrapped up as we were as we witnessed Arsenal totally outplay Manchester City (we had to have some hot tomato soup at half-time!). At 2-0 down, it looked like it was all over, but then unexpectedly, City managed to pull one back.
But City didn't make or take any more chances so inevitably, Emmanuel Adebayor (who I have in my fantasy football team*) slotted in his second to make it 3-1, firing the Gooners back into the top of the league.
After the footie, I went to the glamorous C's as it was her son's 9th birthday party - the theme was Yu-Gi-Oh! duelling, so I turned up with my deck of cards and I was nominated a 'teacher' , basically there to check the gaming rules were followed and to make sure the boys weren't cheating (and some of them did try!).
Had a couple of games (I lost!), some nice buffet food - it was good fun and I think the birthday boy liked the drawing I did for him plus the spare cards.
Me and the glamorous C moved from drinking Dr Peppers to the gin and wine later on in the evening and after most of the boys had been picked up by their parents, we spent some time catching up and chatting into the wee hours. She's getting rid of her Audi convertible and possibly replacing it with a Nissan Qashqai. Funny, I never really saw her in a Japanese car but I can see her in this one!
Crashed out just before 2am and had a fuzzy head in the morning. Whilst the glamorous C took the kids on an invigorating bike ride (in the cold and drizzle!), I went home to chill the rest of the weekend.
(*I was manager of the month in my fantasy football league, winning a tenner. I'm also now in 6th place in the overall league, out of over 110 teams - looking good!)


  1. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Yeah we had snow too - all very exciting.

    Glad you had a good weekend. Hope your week is better at work than your last one!

  2. You are beating me badly at FFL :(

    Thank god I'm a few points ahead of your reserve team, otherwise it'd be embarrassing :)