Monday, January 07, 2008

Spiced Up My Life

So, carrying on from last year's tradition, I started the new year again attending a concert...

Yep, I went to see the Spice Girls at the O2 and they were bloody brilliant! Sounds really sad, no? True, at times the singing wasn't worthy of even X-Factor but in terms of entertainment and venue, it was probably the best gig I've been to!

Mel C is still the best vocalist, Posh is still the worst but she wasn't that bad and she got a cheer from the crowd everytime she sang her bits (drowning out the off notes?).

All the hits were enthusiastically performed, plus each Spice Girl took turns singing their solo hits (apart from Posh who did a bit of catwalking...). Banter between the girls was a little contrived but cheeky and fun and kept the concert ticking along nicely.

The O2 stadium was very impressive with excellent bar and restaurant facilities - we had a yummy Chinese buffet and got into the Blue Room, kinda like VIP lounge for O2 customers.

Unlike when there are concerts at the MEN in Manchester, there weren't that many people dressed up, so we kinda stood out a bit in our matching pink hats and t-shirts!

So this was the start of a nice long weekend in London - stayed at the glamorous C's mum's house in Bermondsey as it was closer to the O2 than big sis' place. Her mum is a keen carpenter and as expected, there was a lot of wooden DIY going on the house. She had a proper workshop in the garden, kept chickens and had one of those really antique stoves for a fireplace - it was great!

Spent some time helping the glamorous C keep her kids entertained, playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and getting some fresh air in the nearby playground (went on the swings, what a big kid!).

On Saturday, spent a few hours in the Natural History Museum (looking at interesting rock really!), nipped into the Science Museum and then spent the rest of the day watching some great live entertainment in Covent Garden.

I then met up with a guy I used to work with - MC hasn't changed...still clueless about women, still a sad Man U fan, still homophobic/xenophobic/sexist in varying degrees but he's harmless! We checked out various pubs around Blackfriars and London Bridge, ate at Nando's and I had an enjoyable evening. MC was telling me about his new gf who is a 22 year old blonde 'actress' - during the course of the night, it turns out the girl isn't really his girlfriend, he met her briefly at Christmas and hasn't met up with her since - trying to pluck up courage to ask her out - bless!

Anyway, I merrily caught the last train back to my big sis' place and crashed out.

Next morning, spent a bit of time with little nephew before the glamorous C picked me up for the drive back up north.

Promised the kids I'd stay a while so I was challenged at Mario Party 8 on the Wii - I won! - and then had a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel, which I also won - am surprised they keep inviting me round if I keep beating them! ;-)

A nice little break anyway - back to work now and see what I can make of 2008!

And hey, I wasn't tempted by any shopping in London, despite all the SALE! SALE! SALE! signs - well, I'm impressed with my own willpower anyway!


  1. I was never a huge Spice Girls fan but I think I would have enjoyed the concert. It looked entertaining from various clips I have seen.

  2. Ooo another Wii fan! Highlight of my week: became a Pro in Wii tennis. Ha!

    Glad you had a good time at the Spice Girls...I'm jealous now, because my sisters and I had tickets to go but one couldn't get the day off work so we had to sell them.

    So come on then - who's your fave Spice Girl?

  3. Bad Sheep - I wasn't a huge SG fan at the time but liked some of the music and thought the whole Girl Power thing was good.

    BB - I'd have to say Sporty as she's the only one who can really sing and hasn't had any plastic enhancements!

  4. So are the Spice Girls back together agan or is this another one-off until they run out of money? I wonder if there were still kids at the concert or all their fans all grown now?

  5. The kids were definitely in the minority - the crowd was made up of mostly women in the late 20s up to mid 40s.

    I think this is just a one off tour for them, they're making millions so no need to do any new material!

  6. OMG Scary Spice has become the hottest momma alive. Dayum!

    And now, back to reading the post.