Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Crap Day

It took me nearly 2.5 hours to drive 14 miles into work today as there was a multi-vehicle accident on the motorway - bummer!

And then when I got into the office, I realised that I'd forgotten to pick up the sandwiches I'd made for lunch and they were still on the stairs...

What a crap day - looking forward to splurging it out of my system tonight in the gym!


  1. Hi there Weenie,

    Just catching up. I haven't been online much lately - too many visitors.

    It certainly sounds like you crammed lots into your trip to London. I am not a fan of the Spice Girls but I will see anyone live - it is always a worthwhile experience and the O2 is a good venue.

    Did you burn off your frustration re the traffic hold up, at the gym? I find running works wonders for unwinding. Perhaps that is what I should do really - just keep running all my life and then maybe I would never be crabby again!!!

  2. Well thankfully, the day's gotten better. I'm not really a running person, was never good at long distance, I'm more of a sprinter, fast but short distances! My gym session will be after work - I'm doing two classes, Body Attack (aerobics) and Body Balance (yoga etc). Should feel suitably relaxed/tired afterwards! :-)

  3. It all sounds a little violent and vigorous to me!! I presume it is your own body that is meant to be attacked. You don't have some bod invited in so that you can all hurl things at him and vent your frustrations that way? Actually I think that idea could take off, don't you?

    Glad you are feeling better anyway.

  4. The classes are pretty rigorous and I'm aching a little today. Yes, it's your own body being attacked, or rather the wobbly bits of your body which shouldn't wobble!

    One of the women in the class commented that I was 'fit'...I think she must have been talking about someone else! I wasn't giving 100% cos I was feeling the burn!

  5. Sounds to me like running to your office instead of driving might have saved you some time and frustration. Consequently, the visit to the gym wouldn't have been required and could have been substituted with a good movie and a drink.