Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Britney Spears denied right to see sons..."

For those who are persisting in hounding a woman who is obviously suffering mental issues, the headline should actually read:

"Boys aged one and two denied right to see their mother..."

Clearly, she is currently not in the right state of mind to look after her own children but in denying any access to them, they are effectively denying very young children from being with their mother.

One of the boys is still a baby - how traumatic is that going to be to his wellbeing and development?

Maybe it's just me sick of it all - I just don't think it's right to persecute the mentally ill.


  1. I can only see it if they genuinely believe she may abscond with them or harm them in some way....

  2. The whole country's mentally ill. It's run by lawyers and oil barons. The only ones who'll win out of this are the legal beagles.

  3. Perhaps they should allow access but only if accompanied by someone else, etc.

    Any yep, lawyers run the show these days everywhere. Everyone is suing everyone, no one takes responsibility for their own stupidity these days, they have to blame on someone else.

    Should have read law at uni, I could be wadded by now...

  4. Not necessarily. A good mate of mine studied Law and, just as he was about to graduate, an MP in Scotland (went on to run the LibDems for a while recently...) declared his college null and void for gaining bar entry (or whatever it is in the UK) as there were too many lawyers.

    So his 4-5 years studying were wasted. By the time they lifted the block so people with degrees from his college could register, he was so rusty nobody would hire him. He now works in IT and is looking at a move to become a gym instructor!

    As for the "people suing everyone else" issue - move to New Zealand (no legal structure for suing) or SE Asia (nobody cares - you hurt yourself, your fault). I so much prefer both of them.

  5. I think the whole situation has been fuelled by the media.
    Ok, so she's (apparently) not in a fit state of mind. Then she should be left alone to seek the support and help she needs and not followed around everywhere by hundreds of 'paps' who hope to get a picture of her falling out of a club, or bumping into another car or flashing her nethers.
    I like Britney. I'm not a big fan of her music by any means. I just mean I like the fact that she stuck 2 fingers up to the music industry when she wanted to settle down and start a family.
    I'm convinced this situation wouldn't have happened if the media weren't so obsessed with 'showing her fail' at so many things. Sites like Perezhilton that thrive on the fact that she's having so many problems make me puke. Reporting on the latest celebrity gossip is one thing, but they totally cross the line. Some of the horrible things that they say is enough to drive a person to suicide and unfortunately until that terrible situation happens, I don't think they will ever give it up.

    I don't think that guy who she's currently dating is helping the situation either, but she's obviously obvlivious to it all at the moment.

    She's just a young girl who's marriage and family plans didn't quite go how she wanted them to. It's hardly a rare occurance nowadays, is it.

  6. I can't lurk without posting! I agree with you...the girl needs a break and should be able to see her children under supervision. She clearly needs help (or is the media blowing this out of proportion a bit?). I think she was too young and naive to get married and have kids and it's unfortunate that in the end, the innocent children will suffer most.

  7. I'm going to sound nasty here, but she's the one who chose to become a superstar and therefore the life that came with it. Sure, she couldn't envision all this mess but how many famous people *have* been left alone by the media in the last... 70 years?

    She could have jumped out after 2 big albums, gone underground and all this would have been so many fewer column inches and stress.

    *shrugs* You take the fame and the money, you have to take the shite from the scum press that will inevitably follow.

  8. I agree that she's chosen the life of a superstar hence will have all the trappings that come with it, eg no privacy, no stone unturned etc.

    But her two little boys had no choice in the matter and now they are suffering. It's not just about her anymore.

    If she can't help herself (and this is obvious), then she needs help and advice.

    Right now, the last thing she needs is media hype and celebrity obsession.

    I'm sounding like a bleeding heart here but "THINK OF THE CHILDREN"!

  9. Yes, I agree with you re the children, they should def be allowed access to their mother in a safe environment.

    I don't really know anything about this case because I don't approve of media intrusion in the lives of anyone and if I read stuff that is written that falls into that category then it seems somewhat hypocritical of me.

    People do court publicity of course but at the end of the day, all these celebrities are just ordinary people with much the same problems that the rest of us have. they just get exacerbated by media intrusion.

  10. Urgh. This woman's life has been turned into fuel for the media. I read somewhere America's economy is worth an extra few million because of her. Crazy.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword...I don't think she'll be around for much longer, in truth.