Monday, January 14, 2008

Willpower of Steel...

Miss Selfridge
Marks & Spencers

What do these stores all have in common?

That's right, they all have brilliant sales on yet I walked right past them without stopping or buying anything!

Might not be an achievement to some but it was for me. I didn't spend anything yesterday, only used up some Boots Advantage points and I still have more to use up - yay!

A nice relaxing weekend anyway - my back is still a bit twingey from some overstretching earlier last week but that didn't stop me from meeting up with the glamorous C at the gym for some quick exercise and sauna session. We did undo some of the gym-goodness by having a curry afterwards but it was the weekend and I've been good all week!

Had a good laugh as usual and have my fingers crossed for her for some pending job contracts that she's negotiating - I know she's not really that bored with being a lady of leisure but she feels that she should be working now!


  1. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Well done!

    I'm not a shopping type of person and def dislike the sales. But I think you walking past a shop with a sale would be the equivalent of me leaving half a bottle of wine for the next day? If that is the case then you have my utmost admiration. Cos it's something I never manage to do.

    Take care of your back though!

  2. Primark AND TKMaxx?! I envy you. I really do. I can't walk past Primark without going in.

  3. I had to close my eyes....