Monday, December 31, 2007

Weekend Visits

I was hardly at home over the weekend.

On Friday, went straight from work to JH's. Funny, her house is just over the road from where I picked up that guy after asking him for directions to her wedding venue (I gave him a lift...)!

Nice house with a lovely view of Cheshire/Derbyshire countryside. Think I ended up polishing a bottle of wine whilst we played a music quiz (which I won - get me!) and the next day, did have a bit of a wine hangover when I eventually woke up at 10.45am, but then I didn't go to bed until 3am, staying up chatting to JH's hubbie!

From there, drove to the glamorous C's - went to the cinema to watch I Am Legend (which was good) and then had a relaxing sauna session at the David Lloyd, followed by some healthy soup.

Back to hers, we had a coupla gins and played a few games of Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG - oh yeah, some serious duelling but it was a great laugh, I won 3-1, it was mostly down to luck rather than to my game tactics though.

We then watched Kill Bill (one of my fave films) and also The Tuxedo - serious square eye syndrome as I really don't watch so much TV these days!

The next day, the glamorous C picked up her kids from her ex so I spent a little time challenging them to Wii Play (I was ace at the shooting game!) and Yu-Gi-Oh! before I then drove back to Manchester to meet up with CK from work to go to see the Man City v Liverpool match.

I may as well not have bothered, it was so frustrating as City were very much playing a defensive game and the Scousers, well the Scousers didn't take any advantage to keep up with the leaders in this bore draw. Rafa made no subs!!! What was all that about!?

Boss says we can leave early - yay!

And if I don't get round to posting later, happy 2008 all!

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