Sunday, December 30, 2007

Noel Noel

Right, a slot in the evening to jot down what I got up to over Christmas...

Despite a mad panic when my flight to London got cancelled, I was able to make it down on an alternative flight so spent a great Christmas with big sis and her soon-to-be-in laws. I think I ate more in two days than what I ate in the previous two weeks and also quaffed a lot of champagne! Both big sis and her bf cooked, I helped with the veg and helped keep little nephew entertained!

Presents-wise I got:

Portable DAB radio
Clubland Live ticket - honest, I'm going clubbing... looking forward to it!
Pyjamas & socks
Beauty cream set (Boots No 7)
Three books (including an intellectual non-fiction book which I must read...)
DVD (Torchwood season 1)
Photo calendar (of girls on tour - ace!)

My present to myself this year was my laptop which I've already been making use of.

Anyway, back up to Manchester on Boxing Day - never seen the airports so empty - and back in work on 28th and 29th.

And that was my festive holiday, although I have a few days off in the new year.

Hope everyone had good ones!

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  1. Sounds like a great Christmas.

    Happy New Year to you!