Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Merry Go Round

A pretty relaxing Saturday spent reading and even some Strictly Come Dancing! Still not shifted my cold and cough - it's gotten to the yucky stage now, ie lots of gooey green phlegm in the morning - lovely!

Sunday, was up early to kill two Welsh birds with one stone…an old school friend who emigrated to South Africa was over for Christmas and I'd arranged to meet her, her husband and her son. We met up at the place she was staying in North Wales and then drove to Llandudno, which brought back some whelk-picking memories for me - wow, not visited the place for 20 years I reckon!

Anyway, we had a good time catching up and reminiscing. I hadn't actually thought about it before but me and this friend only really knew each other for 3 years at high school but we kept in touch via mail over the years after she went to South Africa and then by email. Anyway, it's great to hear her accent!

After lunch, I then went to meet up with my mate MR and her brood. We met up at the Whizkids softplay in Queensferry - yep, lots of screaming kids but I'm good at blocking out unwanted sound these days! There also seemed to be quite a bit of blood around, kids bumping their noses and heads as they played on the slides.

MR's not a happy bunny - finances are tight, her confidence is still low after she lost her job and she and her husband had an argument in front of me about how little time they spend together…hmm. The kids all seemed fine - my godson EB's voice is starting to break...

Anyway, as of now, I've just found out that my flight to Gatwick has been cancelled and I'm currently on hold to see if I can get another flight today. Bummer! :-(

Wishing you all a great Christmas - see you in a few days time!

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