Friday, December 21, 2007

Secret Satan

I haven't laughed so much in ages at work - it's not been that kind of atmosphere recently what with the merger (and soon yet another merger...), threat of the axe and general low morale.

But yesterday, we did our Secret Satan (Secret Santa with a twist!) at work and I can't believe we haven't done this before cos it was bloody funny!

Let me explain how Secret Satan works - people taking part each buy a unisex present to the value of £10 and wrap it up. Then everyone picks a number out of a hat.

Whoever picks number 1 gets to choose any present off the table and unwraps it in front of everyone.

Next, the person with ticket no 2 can choose to either unwrap a new present from the table, or STEAL the present from person 1!!

If they choose to steal from person 1, then person 1 can go back to the table and pick another gift. The new present is then again unwrapped in front of everyone.

And so it goes on! Person 3 can then either choose to steal one of the opened gifts, or open one from the table.

Whoever that person steals from, gets to open a fresh present.

Then person 4, person 5 and so on! The last person has a whole load of presents to choose from, or can ultimately take a chance with the last unwrapped present!

Anyway, it was bloody hilarious, expecially when people unwrapped presents which they clearly liked, only to have them whipped away by someone else!

I ended up with a bingo game (including alcoholic drinks - cool!), after the Jaws DVD trilogy I unwrapped got stolen by someone else!

There were a couple of dud presents, including some Ann Summers chocolate body paint, which just happened to go to the person in the department least likely to make any use out of it - as I said bloody funny - we must do it again next year!

I had a sore throat from all the laughing and later, went to the gym with the glamorous C (needed to work off the Xmas buffet excesses). We did our last Body Attack aerobics class for the year and then more laughing afterwards, resulting in me losing my voice!

Most people at work are winding down for the festive period but I have a 3 day week next week...


  1. That sounds like what we did too, White Elephant. But it wasn't as rowdy as yours was, no one stole. PFT.

  2. It does sound like a lot of fun.

    Have a lovely Christmas, Weenie.

  3. I've read that a few times now. It's probably very simple, but for some reason I just couldn't get my head around it! Sounds fun, though!

    Hope you have a lovely Xmas!

  4. That is the funniest thing I've ever heard! I'm doing Secret Satan next year for sure!
    Happy Christmas and New Year Weenie, mwah xxx