Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Designs On You

As stated previously, the company has been getting into the festive spirit by organising little competitions for the employees.

I found out this morning there was a Christmas card design competition, so during my lunch, I cobbled together a card that had moving parts - basically a guy in a window stood under some mistletoe and when you pull the tag, a girl appears to kiss him. Just simple cartoon stuff.

Thought it was ok, if a bit rushed so I was rather surprised to see the 'elf' volunteers surrounding my desk in the afternoon to present me with the winning prize - lol, a bit of Pritt stick, Sellotape and stuff from the company recycle bin can produce a masterpiece if you try!

Speaking of recycling, those prizes are going to get wrapped up and given away as presents... ;-)

EDIT - I found out that I didn't actually get first prize - first and second prize went to two of the 'elf' volunteers - what a fix!!


  1. Good work ;-)

    Shame about Liverpool and being currently worse than Spurs. That must hurt :)

  2. It's a blip....I hope!

  3. Post a pic if you can. And that surely sounds like a fixed contest.

  4. Unfortunately, I didn't get my card back! :-(