Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Morale is still pretty low across the various departments at work but the company is trying its best to get people into the festive spirit.

There's a mini quiz every day with prizes (presented by volunteers dressed as elves), today is the Christmas lunch, which is usually good, and there's also a competition for the most festively decorated desk. This desk of a cosy fireplace is the favourite to win...

This Friday, it's the company Christmas Party but I won't be attending as our departmental Christmas Party is on the Saturday and there's no way I can attend both because:

1. I only have one outfit and no, I can’t wear a dress worn to a previous do!

2. I can't drink like that anymore!

Next week, we’ll be doing our Secret Santa, (actually Secret Satan…will post on this later), our Christmas buffet and our Christmas Quiz, which includes my annual picture quiz.

For once, I’ve done all my Christmas shopping ahead of time, bar something little for one of my neighbours who brings my wheelie bin in for me every week.

Need to think about New Year resolutions – go for easy ones that I know I won’t break or some life-changing ones??


  1. That's a clever way to decorate a desk. I would steal this idea if the folks in my office had desks. We a department party last week then the whole office this week. I have to buy gift cards today for the giveaway.

  2. Whats worse than dressing up as an elf?

    Not being paid to do it.