Monday, December 10, 2007

Final Furlong

Ok, that's my holidays over with this year - had a day off today to go shopping with girlies from work, although we did more drinking and eating than shopping....

A bitterly cold day in Manchester, went round the various Christmas markets and would have loved to have spent more time browsing if it wasn't so bloody freezing (should have put more layers on).

So, no more time off for me now this year - need to knuckle down in work, not get too distracted with the various festive goings-on, try to get a clean slate and clear my desk of the piles of 'stuff-to-do'.


  1. Oh dear, poor you! Never mind, it is not long to go and then you can hit the bottle again with a vengeance!

    Don't work too hard though - they might get used to it and come to expect it!!!!

  2. Yeah, just use your month off over christmas to sink several vineyards :)

  3. Office party this weekend...hopefully my liver and kidneys will remain intact!

  4. Weenie - of weenie rogue fame?!?

    U used to be in the DEN a few years back?

  5. ...Dammit, I've been discovered!

    How did you find me??