Sunday, November 04, 2007

Too Quickly

Well, I had a fairly pleasant weekend but as usual, it was over too quickly.

I need to start making lists for everything that needs doing as I find that whilst I'm getting some things done, I'm leaving other chores undone because I've not planned properly. Story of my life. Anyway, one of my chores this week was a long awaited cleaning of my car (on the inside) - hey, it looks all new again!

Anyway, spent some time with my cousins who were up in Manchester for the weekend, visiting from their respective universities. The two brothers, now that they've grown up are just so different - they've turned out to be experiencing different student lives too, one a bit more sociable than the other. But the good thing is that they both get along, both take a lot of time to keep in touch with our Gran and they stay out of trouble (as far as I know anyway).

Met up with them and Gran for dim sum in Chinatown today and then after dropping off the younger cousin at the train station, I went to the gym to meet up with the glamorous C who is fresh back from her trip to China. We had a good workout in the gym and a good chinwag in the sauna.

It was really good to see her (seems like she's gone ages) and she had lots to tell as she had a brilliant sight-seeing holiday. She got me a necklace, some Tiger Balm and a Mont Blanc pen (an exceedingly clever copy of course). I'd actually found the trip for her on the internet so it was a shame I couldn't accompany her as I haven't been to those parts of China.

I have my second holiday coming up shortly but I'm trying not to think about it because it's going to make me stress about work cos there's so much to do.

Yeah, sad innit?

And we didn't win the lotto triple rollover...bummer!


  1. So Man City v Spurs it is then.

    Still not going to the game? :-P

  2. Didn't I say I only wanted to watch big teams play?

    Sorry... :-)

  3. You did. Then you included Liverpool on your list!

    Sorry.... ;-P

    (And just seen your comment - WHEN Liverpool score and win eh? Ha ha ha)

  4. I'm usually an optimist, have to be, supporting the scousers!

  5. Oooh, holiday. Where to this time?

  6. Off to Hong Kong to visit family and friends. Won't be relaxing, but should hopefully involve a lot of shopping! :-)

  7. Oooh get you! Slightly more ambitious than my efforts, but my family and friends selfishly live in rubbish places!

    Is the shopping good over there, or is it all just good fakes?

  8. Some good fakes if you know where to get them Cheap electronic stuff and clothes/shoes. The exchange rate of the HK dollar is pretty good at the moment!

  9. Ah yes, clothes and shoes.

    *nods blankly*