Thursday, November 01, 2007

Grim Times

One of the guys at work was stabbed last Thursday as he was unloading stuff from his car. The attacker and accomplice then made off with his company car.

The story even made the BBC website.

He came into work sporting a black eye, with cuts and bruises to his face but didn't seem too upset about the experience.

The report doesn't mention that he fought his attacker, that his girlfriend was also present and that at one point, she was grabbed by the neck and threatened.

Details, details - but at least neither were badly hurt.


  1. *is shocked*

    *realises it was in Manchester*

    *is not so shocked*

    At least I wasn't knifed when some fuckers stole my car. Glad to hear he's (comparatively) OK.

  2. Mosher's right, in fact when City were at Maine Road they considered turning the Kippax stand round so that at least the crowd could see some shooting :)

    Still, not nice at all. Hope he gets over it without any trouble....

  3. I must have missed your post about you being carjacked Mosher - bad luck there! :-(

    Yeah, you're told to avoid certain areas of Manchester but it could happen anywhere really - the scumbags travel...

  4. Don't think you missed it as such. I think it's from before you knew me.

    And 1st to Die isn't bad, is it? The later titles get more bizarre, though... I swear Patterson has nothing to do with them other than shove his moniker on the cover and take 50% of the profits.

  5. I'd read several of Patterson's Alex Cross books which I enjoy but didn't really like the idea of the woman's murder club thingy.

    But I was pleasantly surprised as it was pretty good - I'll see how bizarre the later titles are when I get round to reading them!

  6. The worst thing about the Alex Cross books is trying to read them in order! There are so many and I can never find the ones I want when I want them. I gave up and broke my own rules, just picking them up as and when. A shame with the continuity between them.

  7. Hey I'm in the same situation - I've read them all out of sync and have missed a few, which as you say, messes the continuity but there's still enough there to enjoy.

  8. I bet they don't include details about fighting back because they don't want to encourage the public to be "foolish" - but I know I would fight back to defend my girlfriend.

  9. I did once - kinda. The girl I was going out with had her purse snatched. I chased the guy and caught him. He was wearing a jogging suit and trainers. I was wearing smart clothes and steel-toecapped boots. I still caught up with him inside of 150 yards after he had a head start.

    Thing is, I'm not violent. Even then. I talked him into giving the purse back. Another person would have removed his kneecaps with the boots. To this day I think how satisfying it would have been, but guess who'd have ended up in jail as a result? Stupid bloody laws in this country.