Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well it seems part-ownership of a football club is within touching distance!

In just 3 months, over 53,000 people signed up to MyFootballClub.

The lively forum has amassed over 80,000 posts.

Over £700,000 has been collected from members in 70 countries.

Nine football clubs came forward with a view to being purchased.

After numerous meetings, it's finally been narrowed down to ONE CLUB ....

The MFC team believe that this football club offers members the best chance of success,
have agreed terms in principle for the purchase of the football club and will do all they can to ensure an agreement is signed ahead of the January transfer window.

Before the acquisition of the football club, its identity will be revealed....

Exciting stuff!

On a lesser note, today would normally be an anniversary date, but no more.


  1. Thought I'd leave a comment on your blog for a change ;)

    I actually wondered if the WB in the mug picture was some sort of cryptic clue as to which club it would be - then I realised that it must stand for Will Brooks...

  2. I finally got around to paying my £35 this week.

    Took me a while, right :)

  3. YAAAAAY! Another convert! Fantastic!