Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Survey Said...

Soooo glad it's the weekend! I think I'm still suffering from post holiday blues and it's been another tough week at work. Slowly catching up on stuff now I think but it's hard going.

An all employee's meeting was called - I think it was the worse one I've ever attended - looking around, all you could see was low morale and disinterest in people's faces. Felt a little sorry for the newly appointed HR Leader who had the daunting task of presenting the not-very-happy employee opinion survey results and trying to put a spin on the stats.

She said it was 'extremely positive' that 55% of employees said they were happy with their managers (no mention of what was going to be done about the other unhappy 45%) and that it was 'interesting' that if offered a similar job by another company, nearly 60% of employees said they would take up the offer...

It was also finally announced that a new UK director has been appointed over our department - this came as a bit of a surprise to the guy who is currently covering that position as he had no idea - global communication at its best, LOL! Some people have worked with this new guy before and apparently he's a right arse - another one, joy! He's currently based in Sweden so I contacted some of my ex Swedish colleagues - seems he has an eye for the pretty gals as they said he was very nice to them!

Well, arse or not, our jobs are in his hands - hope he puts us out of our misery soon, one way or the other.

Caught up with the glamorous C at the gym - was good to see her again for the first time since our holiday and she had some potentially good news in that she could be starting another project at the company! Yeah, sure the company is ruthless but consultants don't get involved in all the politics and the glamorous C needs the cash for early retirement! The bad news is that if she gets the project, she'll be working from the Hounslow office but at least I'll be able to chat to her on email and Sametime!

Hoping to catch up with her this weekend as she'll be off travelling again soon - jet setters have all the fun!


  1. seems he has an eye for the pretty gals as they said he was very nice to them!

    - You'll be okay then ;-P

    Just read your profile - fancy a game of badminton? It's one of the few sports I'm good at :)

  2. After 3 months of being ridiculously shafted by management, with the result of lots of redundancies and resignations, we were all rather surprised to receive an unexpected bonus. One that pays for the holiday!

    It's annoying in a way, as I can't really justify being self-righteous and indignant any more!

  3. Highly unlikely I'll be getting a bonus of any sort!

    Just need that syndicate win and then we can all leave en masse!