Monday, October 08, 2007

Here's Jonny....

I was a bit of an armchair rugby fan this weekend - thought I was going to witness the demise of the reigning holders but instead, saw a truly gritty performance by the English, who against all odds, overcame the Aussies to win 10-12, all points scored by Johnny Wilkinson. Brilliant!
And then, I watched the French overcome the tournament favourites New Zealand in an exciting game, to set up a delicious semi-final tie against England next weekend. The other tie will be between South Africa and rank outsiders Argentina.
I'll take an England v Argentina final any day!


  1. Way to steal my photo (that I stole fom the BBC) :-P

  2. New Zealand is in a state of mourning.. people are thinking the economy is going to suffer from people being depressed!

    Although funnily someone tried to sell the AB's on trade me..

    "One used All Black team

    Fully reconditioned earlier this year, and all parts rotated.

    Unfortunately the choke is stuck on full.

    Pickup from Auckland Airport."