Sunday, October 14, 2007

Here's Jonny Part II...

Jonny's boot did it again and England are now through to the Rugby World Cup final after a 14-9 victory over the hosts, France. Course, it wasn't just Jonny on his own, the whole England team were magnificent.

Their opponents in the final?

South Africa, who walked over outsiders Argentina 37-13, showing devastating speed and power.

This is the same South African team who demolished England in a 36-0 drubbing a month ago during the early pool stages of the World Cup.

What a fairytale this would be if England were to prevail and retain the World Cup!


  1. It is a great story from an English perspective, but from a rugby POV if England were to win again it'd be terrible.

    Then again I don't want South Africa to win either.

  2. What would be so bad about being the first country to win it consecutively?

    But I guess only the English support England! :-)