Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bears In Woods

Spent a nice relaxing weekend at the glamorous C's.

The Nintendo Wii, or ratherThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess featured heavily again and at risk of aggravating my tennis elbow, I chalked up several hours of interactive gaming and with the help of the glamorous C's kids, got through a few (at times scary) levels. Brilliant!

The weekend however wasn't just spent eating pizza and supping beer and wine in front of the TV, watching bits of football (yes, England beat Estonia 3-0), rugby and playing the Wii - we also went for a little walk in Eastham Country Park/Woods.

Nice, relatively unspoilt woods - we fed dozens of fearless grey squirrels, engaged in a bit of jogging/sprinting, had a close look at a very muddy Mersey river and from outside the park, we could just about see the city outline of Liverpool in the distance. There's also a bear pit, from the old days of when the English were a little more bloodthirsty with their 'sports'.
Some roleplaying games with the glamorous C's son (whatever happened to cops & robbers?), a quick game of Yu-Gi-Oh (need to learn the rules) and lounging in my pj's on Sunday afternoon rounded off a lazy but enjoyable little weekend.

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