Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shortness Is Bad For Your Health...

....according to this Department of Health study.

Short people apparently suffer worse physical and mental health than those of normal height, scientists claim today.

I now have a very good excuse for taking a loooong time off sick....

It's been a tough week - work's been relentless (soon to be more disruptions) and the England football team put in a diabolical performance and now may not qualify for the European championships next year. And today, the glamorous C leaves for her trip to China - who's going to keep me sane for the next two weeks?? Good job I have something planned for the weekend to distract me.

I'll also be shedding some of my online anonymity this evening when I meet up with a fellow blogger after my gym session for a swift drink.

Hope it's not too scary (for either of us)!

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