Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Takeover Commencing

Gosh, it's really happening! (look away now, non-football fans!)

MyFootballClub has reached their target of 50,000 registrations and is launching a takeover bid of an English football club!

The blurb says "MyFootballClub members are about to buy a football club. They will own the club, vote on team selection, decide which players to buy and sell and guide the club up the Leagues."

Those who have registered are now being asked to hand over the cash that will be used to buy the club - apparently no less than four clubs (including at least one League Two club) have approached MyFootballClub, with a view to being bought out!
This is probably one of the most exciting things to happen to English football in a while (bar Liverpool's 2005 Champions League comeback but I digress...!)
It's not too late to sign up, pay up and join the merry MFC forum, which already has a thriving community!
Let's make football history! :-)


  1. Saw your mention of this on CUAS, and signed up immediately. Got the email this afternoon and duly signed up for the first year. The team I selected was Scarborough (bit random), but then I got thinking later and realised that there would be more interesting local options, hey ho. Glad to hear that there have been approaches from clubs. Would be interesting to know who.

    Thanks for the original mention of this.

    Shane / el tel

  2. I voted for Accrington Stanley, but Barnet is a good option too.

    Created a Facebook group too.

  3. Yeah, I am very excited too. I just hope it won't take us months to collect the money. I'll be happy with any team at this point.

  4. It is exciting methinks. I hope everyone stumps up the cash! :o)