Monday, August 06, 2007


BusinessWeek/Interbrand have recently released their annual ranking of the 100 Best Global Brands:

The top 20 companies are as follows:

1. Coca-Cola
2. Microsoft
3. IBM
4. GE
5. Nokia
6. Toyota
7. Intel
8. McDonald's
9. Disney
10. Mercedes-Benz
11. Citi
12. Hewlett-Packard
13. BMW
14. Marlboro
15. American Express
16. Gillette
17. Louis Vuitton
18. Cisco
19. Honda
20. Google

Suffice to say that the corporate beast that I work for ranks in the top ten.

In two weeks time, we shall be losing someone who has worked for the company for 18 years and who has been treated abysmally by the company and the HR muppets.

I can't see there being a smile on her face every time she sees our famous brand name ...


  1. Sorry to hear about your peer being treated so poorly. It's rare to find people who have been with a company for so long.

  2. So what do you do at McD's? Flip burgers or do the washing up?

    *ducks and runs*

  3. Would you fries with that?


  4. I think we should all have a sweepstake at guessing what company it is and then weenie gives us a prize for whoever gets the right one.
    My moneys on disney

  5. I'm through with corporate beasts. I don't like them and they don't like me.

  6. LOL - Charby, sometimes it does seem like I'm working for a Mickey Mouse outfit but you're wrong! :-)