Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Well, I dunno about you but I had an excellent weekend!

Friday morning, bright and early (but still tired from lack of sleep - damn that Harry Potter!), me and the glamorous C set off down to London. I could have taken the train like the previous occasion I went down south, but by coincidence, the glamorous C's sis lives only a few miles from my own big sis so we thought we'd go down together in her swanky car to visit our respective siblings, guided by my Tom Tom GPS!

Traffic was great, had lunch with big sis, played with baby nephew and then we headed into Soho to meet sis #2, who had just got back from an accident-prone holiday in Greece (her and her mate were on a quad bike - they came off a mountain road in the dark; luckily, she escaped with just scrapes and cactus spikes;her mate broke a leg...). Since her scabs had fallen off her face, she looked really well and tanned - daredevil or what! Stupid or what!! Anyway, it was great to see her after nearly one and half years!

The glamorous C's two older sisters turned up at the pub - it was turning into a very friendly family gathering!

Sis #2 said her goodbyes and got her flight back to Hong Kong, whilst we piled into the Wong Kei restaurant for some cheap Chinese food - yum!

Saturday, after a refreshing night's sleep (I didn't hear baby at all), I cleaned the hallway and landing carpets and rug for big sis - I had offered to help out round the house... Two full hours of scrubbing didn't do my tennis elbow much good but big sis could never have done the cleaning on her own, so I was glad to earn my keep for the weekend!

I then accompanied big sis on a long awaited trip to Ikea - poor thing had been dying to go shopping but her other half was never interested! Spent a good few hours in there and picked some storage stuff up myself.

In the evening, the glamorous C picked me up to go to their family barbecue - her twin sis was in the car and they are identical, although the glamorous C is slimmer and again, the voices/accents were slightly different - I apologised in advance in case I got them mixed up during the evening!

Anyway, had a great night, the food was great (cooked by professional chefs!), the booze was flowing (and mixed - home brews thrown in) and I had a great laugh. Even managed to sneak in a Big Brother fix at the end of the evening!

Sunday - after a sleepless night as baby was up at 3am and then at 4am and then at 9am, big sis comes into the room with the crying little mite, asking me to hold him whilst she washes her hair... Crying baby + Hangover = not nice! Me with my morning hair is pretty scary too, so no wonder he carried on crying then!

Still, during the day, he seemed to be very content with me, so I had a relaxing Sunday, reading the papers and keeping an eye on him whilst big sis had some time to herself. Seems that I resemble big sis so much in his eyes that he thinks I'm his mummy when I'm watching over him - cuuuute! He's in for a shock when he wants feeding though, hehe!

Monday came quickly - hung around a bit so that big sis could get a few chores done (baby did a big poo...it nearly went all over the place - ewww!) and then me and the glamorous C did a bit of clothes shopping in Croydon.

Then, it was back up north - again the M6 seemed to be ok (where was all the traffic?). I eventually got home around 9pm.

Was a fab weekend, catching up with my sisters and also meeting the glamorous C's sisters and vice versa.

Lots on for the next month or so - I hope I find the time to write about it all!


  1. Ooh sounds amazing! We're getting ready for a little addition of our own. My sis has just left for the hospital. Ahh! xx

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! It's sunny now though - less cheap chinese food, think of the bikini ;-)

  3. It was mental. Floyd was happy to see me though :)

    When I get a fantasy premierleague team I'll invite you into our minileague. We can have that as another bet if you like? :P

  4. I wish I had a great relationship with my sisters. I still have yet to see my nephew who is 6 months now.

  5. I didn't always have a great relationship with my sisters. Fortunately, we grew out of arguing and fighting but if we're under the same roof for too long, it's not all rosy! I've just met my niece for the first time and she's 8 months old - was hard to see her as she lives on the other side of the world though.