Friday, August 17, 2007

Gutted! :-(

One of my very few company perks is my David Lloyd fitness club membership and I've been a member for 8 years.

I was aware that the David Lloyd clubs had been sold by Whitbread recently but it didn't even occur to me that our corporate membership would be affected. Apparently, the new owners took one look at our generous corporate rate and decided to hike it up.

Today, we received an email saying there would be a £30 INCREASE to our monthly membership fee...or a £17 increase if membership were downgraded to not include racquet sports.

I'm absolutely gutted - can I justify paying that much each month? I'd need to go between 3-4 times a week maybe, at least?

Gonna have to break the news to the glamorous C and she too will be upset, since she also goes to the DL near where she lives.

Dunno what to do...need to look at other options.

Noooo - :-(


  1. My last job got me a great deal with Fitness First. My company *paid* me extra eaach month if I joined a gym, and FF was on the same business park so offered a massive discount on top.

    I doubt I could ever afford a gym again. And I was going 7 times a week.

  2. That's rather depressing. It really is stupid as well. You think they'd want to keep members, and somehow, I don't think raising membership prices is the way to do that.

  3. That's bloody awful! Tell em to stick it and join a different one - do you have California gyms over there, or Physical? Over here all 3 chains are desperate and spend all their time offering discounts and / or extras to get people to sign for a year.
    I don't know how the gym memberships work in Blighty, but they really need a swift kick to the arse if they think that can just put the fee up like that.
    Set fire to their offices, just for fun.
    Or buy Whitbread and make them all redundant.


  4. That's a bummer. There should be some competing facilities that may have better membership rates. I worked in a building where the fitness center was one floor below ours and it was so inexpensive and convenient.

  5. If loads of you are members, couldn't you get together and suggest to them that they'll not be making a lot of cash if you all take your business elsewhere?

    Depends how important a guaranteed stream of cash is to them...

  6. Thanks for the comments all. There's 200 of us in the corporate scheme, anticipate that 3/4 will not be renewing their membership. Me, I've decided to downgrade my membership and see how that goes cash-wise. An alternative has been offered but it's a pretty poor one. Ah well... :-(