Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Good Do!

Too much going on, so little time!

Anyway, JH's hen do on Saturday was excellent - had a brilliant night out, good clean (though drunken) fun - her mum and elderly aunties went too so there were no dodgy hen party shenanigans that you normally see! (ie like the one the glamorous C went on...)

We went to Efes Restaurant - great Turkish food and belly dancing too. There were several hen parties in the restaurant, plus one stag party. Each hen (and the stag) was dragged onto the dancefloor to copy the professional belly dancer - JH did brilliantly and was dancing for ages!

DJ and disco (with great music) into the wee hours so we danced until around 1.30 am. We had the obligatory member of the party who overdid things - JH's 15 year old bridesmaid-to-be quaffed too much wine, her mum obviously wasn't keeping an eye on her...

Crashed out on the sofa downstairs around 2.30am, only to be woken up at 6am to baby niece/nephew head...ouch! Also, no voice in the morning, from too much laughing/shouting!

Anyway, been spending the last few evenings with my parents, sis and little niece - whilst it's been pretty hectic running and rushing around, I'll be glad when they leave so I can get on with the next phase of my life.

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