Monday, August 20, 2007

City v United 07/08

Not really talked about the start of the English football season, except that it's not going to plan for the top clubs, in particular the defending champs, Man United. Bwahaha! :-)

So, I was somewhat looking forward to attending my second Manc derby and yep, it was worth it. Went to the match with a colleague, had a beer or two in the pub beforehand for a warm up!

Not only did I witness my first City goal in a match, but despite total dominance in the game, United could not score, resulting in a third straight win for Sven's Blues, a third clean sheet and 7 points clear of United!

There was added excitement for me as I had money on Geovanni to score first (he duly obliged at odds 14-1) and had another City goal been scored, my Scorecast would have come in at 200-1...the score remained 1-0 but I'm sure I'll reap some dividends at some point in the future! By the way, that is not my hand giving a rude gesture to the United Away fans!

Anyway, later that day, Liverpool were robbed of a win against Chelsea by some abysmal refereeing. The ref was so bad that he has been dropped from the Premier League games next week. He should be dropped for good!

Anyway, a tiring and emotional weekend - although I have a full social calendar over the next couple of weeks, I will be glad when mid September comes when I can hopefully start relaxing.


  1. Styles has always been shit. But then so had Poll and he got to ref at the World Cup. And don't get me started on Uriah "I hate Alan Shearer and don't mind admitting it in interviews" Rennie...

  2. After donating 2 hours of my time on Saturday afternoon in exchange for excruciating tedium, I'm temporarily not commenting on football. They could still be playing now and there'd not have been any goals!